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I wish I could come myself, but I have lots of colleagues that could help you with this. How about Lorna Minewiser (up in Sacramento) or Kristin Miller (up in The Shasta area).

Lorna is a Master Trainer, coach, grandmom and former therapist and professor. Kristin has been a big part of the community recovery teams in the fire devastation areas and belongs to all the groups you’d expect for helping at this level. We all 3 teach Emotional First-Aid to communities, parents, kids, schools and spend a significant part of our time bringing these messages to others. 

Jondi Whitis


I'd suggest reviewing some of the information our our website for some materials to make available. Some of our information is applicable for trauma regardless of ACE, since the brain doesn't see the cause for the cortisol. We have some great materials to help adults help children heal, and some specifically speaking to the family, and parental addiction which is a ACE that often accompanies many ACEs. The 7Cs, Kit for Kids, Kit for Parents, Its Not Your Fault, Empowering Children To Heal, Attitude of Gratitude, Core Competencies For Parents,  Children Learn What They Live, Jerry Moe's interview on the Effects of a Parent's Drinking, are just a sampling of some of what is available. 

Good luck with your event!  Just as an FYI, NACoA does provide customized trainings, and online webinars, to help organizations & agencies increase awareness, provide professional development, and enrich community programming.

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