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HI Clarencetine - There are many ways that coalitions are funded but here in CA we have gotten funding from CA foundations for our work with CA Campaign to Counter Childhood Adversity (4CA).  Check out CA ACES Action for more info.

You can take a look at the State ACEs ACtion site with some examples of state inititiaves (ACEs Connection has done some webinars highlighting several states tha are doing great work) and check out the state profiles for info that we could gather from each state.


We have a growing number of trauma informed communities in rural Appalachia that required only training and time to start and no additional funding.  As a result of this work we are creating a toolkit for the state of TN on "How to Trauma Inform Your City" which should be available in July.  If you'd like to know more about our replicatable method, feel free to contact me at


Becky Haas

Trauma Informed Administrator

Ballad Health

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