I am looking for resources regarding trauma-informed care training or systems change in non-human services workplace. Also trauma-informed management outside of human services work. This project is specifically working with shipyard employees at a major shipping port. Anyone know of any resources that could provide some guidance? Or have experience working with a similar workplace community which is quite outside-the-box for most of our typical TIC work? Realizing that this male-dominated blue-collar workplace might not intuitively be receptive to the touchy-feely social-worky content of a typical TIC training.

So far, thoughts include:

  • of course, getting to know the culture and climate of the workplace to bridge cultural gaps
  • maybe some focus groups to find out points of receptivity
  • Emphasizing TI management which can improve workforce productivity, retention, and sustainability (the whats-in-it-for-me)


Thanks in advance for any thoughts or resources

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In organizations where there are individuals who work in IT or Accounting, we've sold TIC by emphasizing employee productivity, low employee turnover, fewer sick days, etc., as you mention above.  It's an investment in the workforce (personally and professionally). I'm looking forward to hearing what others share! I think the similar concepts could be applied to occupations like law enforcement where the culture is not touchy-feely either.

Hi John, we do trauma informed work alongside diversity and inclusion and/or anti- workplace bullying and harassment training for government agencies, including the shipyard, as well as manufacturing organizations and other non- service organizations. Let me know if you'd like to connect outside of this forum. 

With Respect,

Leah Kyaio

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