Does anyone know who I may be able to contact to ask if they would allow me to complete my dissertation study at one of their skilled nursing facilities?

I'm hoping someone in this group may be able to help because I am searching for a skilled nursing facility to conduct a qualitative study for my PhD dissertation and I am having a problem locating a site that has begun implementing trauma-informed care.

I am asking for someone to please introduce or refer me to a facility who has begun implementing phase 3 trauma-informed care per the CMS ยง483.25(m) requirements.

I am a PhD student in Public Health at Walden University and I am researching nurses perspectives of implementing trauma-informed care in skilled nursing facilities. The title of my dissertation is, "Nurses Perspectives Of Trauma-Informed Care". The purpose of my study is to examine the lived experience of nurses whose skilled-nursing rehabilitation facility has adopted research-based trauma-informed care in the treatment of physically disabled patients who were subjected to Adverse Childhood Experiences/Traumatic Experiences (ACEs/TEs) and developed maladaptive coping mechanisms.

I think the findings of my study regarding nurses perspectives about trauma-informed care could provide valuable information for SNFs to understand better nurses beliefs about using trauma-informed practices. I sincerely appreciate any assistance you can give me.

Thank you very much for your assistance.


Lee Ann Blazejewski
Walden University PhD Candidate                                                                                                                                                    517-282-6341


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Hi Lee Ann, Thanks for that clue! Doing a quick search, there appears to be a variety of efforts that align with the demographic you are seeking to target. I wonder if you might want to reach out to a few folks and see if they have any ideas, suggestions, or leads that may take you closer to your goal?  Your work is really "cutting edge" and you may need to connect the (ACEs) dots for folks who are not yet able to envision what you are trying to achieve. Persistence is a plus! Please share your learnings here on ACEs Connection - our goal is to accelerate the ACEs science movement - and we can do that by sharing our learnings! Wishing you well, Karen

Calhoun County Older Adults data
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The DFC Coalition focuses on awareness, coordination and environment as pillars of impact to address this current community and public health challenge collectively. The Coalition is led by a leadership committee and meets bi-monthly. Contact Karla Fales at 269-441-0976 for more information

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Lee Ann, what an awesome and valuable interest of study!  I am creating a policy for my skilled nursing facility for the Phase 3 trauma-informed care per the CMS ยง483.25(m) requirements.  I've had great difficulty in finding any examples of either a similar policy or a newly implemented one that meets the guidelines and Requirements of Participation/RoPs CMS has mandated.  Please let me know if you come across a facility that already has such a policy in place.  I've collected a lot of resources here and elsewhere, however, I've yet to find any examples of existing policies specifically related to older adults in SNF.   It would be so helpful to visualize what that truly looks like as I continue in my efforts to frame all of the necessary components into a concise, comprehensive, compliant, and functional policy.  

I truly hope you will someday publish your dissertation.  It would be a tremendous resource to so many of us providing care for the aging in our communities and those receiving post-acute skilled care/long-term care in nursing facilities.  Thank you and all the best in your endeavors. 



I second that motion! Wonderful study by Lee Ann.

I too am in the process of writing the policy for Phase 3 trauma-informed care and there are volumes of information but no policies that meet the mandates. I also would be interested if one is available. I as well have spent a lot of time developing one that I hope is comprehensive and compliant!

Lee Ann, best of luck as well and looking forward to seeing your study published!

thanks Jen

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