Trauma informed practices in residential & care management programs.

I work for a non-for-profit agency in upstate NY that provides care management and residential services to the SPMI and substance abuse recovery adult population. I am in search of other care management and residential agencies that have implemented TI practices into their services. I'm looking to learn from others who have identified and implemented TI practices pertinent to these type of services, including which TIC model you have or are implementing. If you are a TIC presenter that offers education/presentations tailored to these services, please leave a link to your website. I'd appreciate any feedback including linkage to websites/resources, conversations or perhaps if location permits, a visit to your facility.




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At Good Harbor Institute we offer these services for organizations. We work with every employee, key volunteers, and the organization's board. We customize our programming to best fit the organization's culture and the culture of the region. Additionally we monitor implementation through the use of survey, focus groups, and semi-structured interviews. We prefer to work with an organization for a minimum of one year which includes training "Site Coaches" (train-the-trainer). A reference list of our clients may be provided.  Here is a link to our Website:

I may also be contacted via email: or we can schedule a phone call.

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