I think a list would be great - and you'd see a huge variation in practices. I don't think any of us are "there" yet...but making progress. We have three demonstration schools in the Seattle area and offer school tours (1.5 hours) once a month.  The next one is the morning of April 26th. PM me if you are interested in attending.  

One of the things built for schools is a kind of a compass - for looking at next steps. If that is useful I'd be glad to share it.

I wonder if just saying that you are trying would be good enough right now since there are no real "certification" standards.  There are pockets of great work in Oregon but I only hear about these second hand since my community is far from even starting.

That is a good idea and I'll see about creating a list for Oregon.

I agree with others.  I am unaware that there are standards that K-12 or post-secondary need to meet to be deemed "trauma-informed" or "trauma-sensitive" schools.  I hear those terms bandied about by institutions and practitioners.  There may be pockets of excellence.  I am growing more skeptical of what people & institutions mean...have they read ACES or more?!

It is legal in Tennessee and 18 other states to “punish” children in schools with physical punishment, usually paddles with disastrous results. Disabled, autistic and minority children are disproportionately paddled and it is a civil rights issue. US Congress over the past few years has rejected several proposed bills to make it illegal and is currently ignoring a current proposed bill. The ACE program with Dr Afifi has deemed spanking an adverse childhood experience. Can leaders of the ACE programs advocate to Congress to make it illegal.

I highly recommend looking at Fall Hamilton in Nashville. Principal Portell is a great resource and they are doing great work. I also recommend Mott Haven Academy that is located in the Bronx. They have some great data available also on how their children are performing academically thanks to the work they are doing around ACEs. 


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