Update on Resilience Programs that address Secondary or Vicarious Trauma

Am happy to report that the City Council of Philadelphia will be holding an informational public hearing on secondary trauma and staff resiliency programming on Dec. 7.  (see attachment) The Philadelphia ACE Task Force is doing a great job preparing for the hearing, e.g. lining up some excellent panelists, etc. It  is everyone's hope that this hearing will create the ground work for innovative public policy that seeks to mitigate secondary trauma for city and contracted workers who provide care to traumatized persons.

I would appreciate very much your sharing with me as quickly as possible information about current legislation or public policies with which you're familiar in other cities or states that also seeks to specifically address secondary trauma, e.g. updates on Colorado's 2017 CO HB 1283, initiatives in Massachusetts and elsewhere.

Thank you!  

Vic Compher, MSS, LCSW

Social Worker, Trainer, Filmmaker


PS Feel free to also contact me by email at viccompher@comcast.net 



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