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My dearest friend has Vertigo, could someone help me understand how trauma and Vertigo are interconnected if at all. He is doing all of the manuveurs, and interventions including medication that he can find. He has travelled to Toronto and other areas to find Dr's to help him .. right now he has been suffering with vertigo for over two months... 

what might "you" all suggest?  I would like to faciliate something different for him. is somatic work possible?


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I've had bouts of vertigo like your friend. Now I run to an osteopath doctor's office, the doc works on me (cranial sacral work of some sort, not the epley maneuver), and I walk out with the vertigo gone. Sometimes it takes 2 visits to feel all the way out of the woods.  I don't really understand it, but it works! Best of luck to your friend

There are different kinds of vertigo. Some are related to damage from ototoxic medications, and the Epley maneuvers and medications don't do anything for this kind of vertigo. I have this kind of vertigo from a chemotherapy drug (along with tinnitus). Mine was very bad at the beginning, but has waned over time as I learned how to modify my lifestyle to avoid positional triggers. I highly recommend for self-education. There are some dietary things that have been helpful for me that I would recommend as a first step if your friend isn't already doing them.

I hope that helps.

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