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thank you for taking the time to read this. Even if you aren't able to help this time - your willingness to even peep at this message means you made time to see what others need.

Hi - Does anyone know or a therapist who would be willing to volunteer his/her time to participate on a 45 minute panel about ACEs? The ACE that we are focusing on this month is Abandonment and pairing it with losing a parent to the prison system?

Our last live presentation is linked below and viewer BEWARE, we do talk about God, ACEs, and because of our lived experiences, we can laugh a little now that we NOW and can do better. My target audience when we go live are people who live in conditions that create ACEs, so we approach the topic using our lived experiences.

I type this knowing I can look at the community page and blindly contact a few folks, but WORD OF MOUTH is priceless.

Thanks all


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