Greetings. I am currently serving on one of California's three  Citizen Review Panels impaneled by the California Department of Social Services (CDSS). The Panels were created by Congress to bring a citizen voice to child welfare practice and system reform.  
This year, each of California's three Panels selected an issue of concern to examine. They are:
  1. Raising the profile and involvement of Family Resource Centers in the Office of Child Abuse Prevention’s initiative assisting counties to develop coordinated and collaborative prevention plans,
  2. Exploring the decision-making process when children are removed from their homes, and
  3. Exploring decision-making when children are returned to their homes after a foster care placement, with a particular focus on the prevention of subsequent critical incidents.
In the last year, we have gathered and examined national and state resources related to our topic area. We have drafted a report to CDSS recommending systemic changes to better serve children and families. The agency is required by law to respond to our recommendations.

Before we finalize our recommendations however, we are seeking public input. A link to a survey is below.  We would very much appreciate any comments or suggestions related to our recommendations.  
  The public comment period closes September 23 and the links are:


Thank you very much!!!!!!

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Bravo for establishing a helpful positive relationship with families from the start. There are many variables being evaluated in a community that is far from homogeneous in its needs the severity of thoes,  resources available  cooperation with those  resources bearing this in mind, i hope for workable information on what works, what bombed what's going to work given what changes. Keep the story real

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